Photographed & Reconstructed by CarcinogenGX-10+50/1.4, Meaningless

A specter is haunting my Room – the specter of Guichanism. All the powers of old medical school have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Textbook and Genealogical table, KMLE and General Clinical Exam, MNJB radicals and SNUMED04 education chief.

Where is the student in opposition that has not been decried as Guichanistc by its opponents in obsse? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of Guichanism, against the more advanced opposition students, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Guichanism is already acknowledged by all medical schools to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that Guichanist should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the specter of Guichanism with a manifesto of the student itself.

To this end, Guichanists of various grades have assembled in Yeongeon and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the Textbook, Genealogical table, Pacific, Dongwha, Yedang and Power languages.

  1. Korean Medical License Exam, 의사 국가 고시를 의미한다. [본문으로]
  2. 임상 의학 과목들을 연세대와 합작하여 낸 시험들로 평가하는 것. [본문으로]
  3. 만년족보의 약자. MNJB.net이 존재한다. [본문으로]
  4. Obsessive Compulsive disorder의 잘못된 단어 사용. 강박적으로 공부하는 인종들을 일컫는다. [본문으로]
  5. 서울대학교 의과대학 의학과가 존재하는 곳. 본과의 상징적인 의미로 사용된다. [본문으로]
  6. 퍼시픽 출판사. 동명의 국시 문제집을 출간한다. [본문으로]
  7. 찬란한 역사와 전통을 자랑하는 국시 문제집 출판사. 최근 퍼시픽에 밀리는 경향을 보인다. [본문으로]
  8. 동화와 동일. [본문으로]
  9. 해리슨 요약본 파워 내과로 유명한 파워 시리즈를 의미한다. 군자출판사에서 출간한다. [본문으로]